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Self Awareness


We are all connected.

One of the great gifts we are given is to awaken our inner Guidance, in self awareness.

If we believe other people have the power to manipulate us through thought or  other manipulation, we will experience this. To be awake and aware to ourselves is self responsibility.

No one has power over us unless we allow or promote it. This can come in from Karma and we may or may not be aware of our own patterns of control that are being called up. We may have been playing in that field for many reasons for many lifetimes. Being a victim to our own misunderstanding and forgetting who/ what we are. This is the game here.

When we take responsibility for ourselves and take the time to explore the Opportunities of awakening the flow of love in the places that are in separation, moving through life as a victim becomes impossible, as we are a Divine Design.  We all are reflecting and stimulating opportunites for  alchemy. Transformation from negative to positive is just a different energy of flow. Our life begins to flow from a new energy source, one  that is empowered in Love and positive flow.

Remember you called to yourself all of your experience . You are a Divine co-creator and you have a super power of love. Divine awakening, self awareness, choosing from your own presence of being present in you.

Do you know where and who you are inside or are you outside of yourself, trying to figure out what to do?

Go deeper into the inner self, explore through Light attunment and loving inner work. Do not hide as you can not anyway.

Know your own self,. ” Be true to Thine Own self.”  do not blame others you just surrender more of your inner super love power. Use whatever it is for strengthing and uplfitment. It  is here for your growth, awakening.

Much Love and Light


One – Love – Flow


Take a deep Breath in and let go of the places that are holding onto right or wrong, bad or good. Be open to the Light Flow. Grace is at hand.

I am aware of many people in challenges, things can seem compressed. The first step is decide Love is the answer even if you do not know how that will happen or help.

When we shut off our loving in fear, hurt or anger or more we now are shutting off the flow of Life inspiration. Creativity, connection,  giving,  and receiving all come from within. This within is Divine flow and the places that are in the dark just do not know the light is present. Love is the answer. Whatever is bothering you is a place inside that does not know Love is present. Abundance in all ways is present.  Go within and love you.

We hold the keys to our own freedom, we have to let go let God – Love to those places that resist. New expansions are present, to expand we let go, to let go can be a challenge.

Know that all of this is what we came to do. We are Divine love of God as One Love. To awaken back to this is like waking up places that have been still for a long time holding tight, so it might feel achey, scary, cranky, hurt and many other things at first. Theses are all just memory cells coming awake. Focus on Love and Forgiveness where you have with -held in order to be right or wrong or whatever you have chosen as a position. Ego, fear and  other things can step in and tell you that it is not safe to let go let God and share in acceptance and freedom. Letting yourself be free and others be free, and allowing the flow of love to lift all as one.

Life is breathed, created held in Love, a Divine love is doing this. Open the channels to what you do not know and be willing to let your guard down and experience Love the way it shows up. You do not have to hurt yourself or others to do this.

From this place we co-create from within a life humming. There is a Divine Mansion inside that is so beautiful, safe and full of love. No locked doors and always new rooms to explore.

Be willing to explore your Mansion and open your doors to the winds of God. It is Breathing you, it is in and around you, you are One Love. We are One Love.

We do not all have the same temperaments but, we are all ONE LOVE.

Experience the expansion as you step into the Light and explore your inner worlds through meditation and light work. Be aware and move inside to the loving, at least be aware of the possibility and open to support in Grace, in new ways.

Breathe Love, Be Love and when it is hard to know this love, jump off the cliff and let it catch you. This means letting go of the againstness, righteousness  and opening to the flow of Love.

Gentle Reminder

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Always In Loving and Gratitude



Fluid Foundation Of Love


We have one thing that is always present – Love.  The one thing that is constant is change. Love = Change = Fluid Love Foundation.

When we become aware of the love flow of God within we are aware of love even in times of challenge. This is the foundation that supports all things. This is a foundation that is in flow not rigidity, control or need. We are Love in overflow.

Choosing a Love Foundation to co-create your Life in, is a powerful infinite source of inspiration. There are probably many places inside that are not so trusting of love as a generator of inspiration. When you become aware and honest in yourself, you can see and experience these places of doubt and separation as places of opportunity .

Be willing to bring the Loving to these places, allow the Light to inspire the loving alchemy to theses creations inside.

Be willing to be who you are in Love and do not compare or try to be someone else. We all have a unique way of being in this world, no one is special yet, we each have a Divine gift of Being Gods Song and sharing the way we are designed to resonate in this human experience. Exploring yourself, becoming more attuned to you and your unique song is a lifetime journey. What a beautiful journey it is. A playground of love foundation to lift and be inspired in.

Gratitude is always a good place to start. Look at what you are grateful for, you will experience the Love moving inside the moment you move to gratitude. Relaxation and an opening of flow begins to hum inside Possibilities begin to surface. Look with loving eyes at what is present, do not pretend to know already and be open to receive in innocence. You must open your eyes in an unknown way, letting go of your ideas and demands that you seem to never experience. This is a good place to start. Let go and be open to letting go of the patterns of control that actually are keeping you in separation from knowing the flow of love is present in every Breath. For here you begin to be inspired, beyond ego, control and need. You will surrender to receiving in the moment and see – experience the Blessing in the moment.

This is a foundation of Love Flow.

Join me for a 1/2 day workshop January 12, 2020 to explore and open the channels of  a Love  Foundation Inspired Life.

Opportunity Within Workshop

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In Loving Service


This is a great time of year to schedule a private session and or start a series. Set an intention for this work in your self as your Love Inspiration support. You hold the keys to your well being and expansion.