Monthly Archives: May 2010

When we look up from our inner reality, the belief that we are limited to that inner is shaken loose. There is no finish, only more possibilities. What will we create in the vastness of our divinity? All is possible. Choosing love can sometimes be the most challenging thing, even though it is all any of us want, and it is our true nature.

The horizon is love, are we able to trust even if we cannot see it now? It is always here, we just have to shift our focus up if we are not experiencing it. We are the source of the source.

Choose the source, choose you…

In the stone there is a soft truth waiting to be revealed. We explore what has come together to form this shape and texture. As we allow the essence of its’ creation to let go and be, we are supported by the soft sand below our feet. It has only been holding a solid form to take us on the journey back to our loving wholeness. Nothing is as it seems, all will change and reveal its’ true self. This is not deterioration, this is transformation.

There is comfort in the unknown. We all reflect each other, yet do not know what lies below the surface. We are all connected by our creation, which makes up the whole of it all. It is smooth and it is rough, it is cool and it is warm. It is dark, it is light, it is shades of grey throughout. We all have a desire touch it.

This is life, love it all….

Our knowing is rooted in our perspective. Is the light being blocked or highlighting our form and essence. Warming and nourishing everything equally. Allowing growth in every cell, thought, and emotion.