Monthly Archives: August 2020

Love is the Authority

When I wake in the morning I notice my first awareness is how it feels to be in my body. It may feel heavy or it may feel soft and tender. In this moment no matter what I have in my awareness,I have an opportunity to choose what my focus is. Many times I am cranky in the discomfort of my body, mind and emotional polarity ” chatter” – I breathe and focus on getting the love awake in the midst of all of what is pushing me. It can take some time and my day may be full of remembering the focus of breath, relaxing in Love and I will meander through mental and emotional judgements. In those times I move once again into Loving and forgiving my judger, the one who is uncomfortable with what ever the discomfort is that seems to have my attention more than my sense of love flow in myself.

I will pause and begin to listen explore why or what I am giving over my power to, instead of being n my loving in me.

These times are giving us all the opportunity to choose Love as our authority. It is as simple and challenging as that. I know just remembering that this is choice can sometimes seem crazy, in the midst of what may seem to be a moment, a day, a world full of challenges that appear to be leading in suffering, hurt, fear and more.

So take a pause, choose Love to focus on, even if it is just a loving thought, do not try and fix or resolve anything, just make Loving be the authority inside you in this moment. Love the discomfort, listen to what it is telling you and comfort it n Love.Let go of the need to overcome and allow the flow of breath of Love relaxation to comfort and unknot the restriction that seems to be holding tight. You might find a misunderstanding a hurt, fear or more, bring loving to this one who is confused and lovingly forgive whatever you have judged in you, where you forgot, did not know you are Love, you are Loved. You do not have to prove to anyone that you are love just be that love you already are, this can be moment by moment as you learn to become attuned to your inner Love Authority. It is relaxed and in flow.

Answers in our life begin to flow as we open this vessel of Love. The places that are in restriction are in forgetfulness and will find Grace in the Loving release. Open to the Authority of Love, there will be no right or wrong, win or loose only expansion in Love, Joy, and Peace.

The Authority of Love… What a wonderful place to allow, look, attune to, as we walk through our day, moment by moment breath, by breath. Be this Love and allow this flow to guide you in your inner world, making this voice, this sense, expansion be your authority.

You are Beloved, to know this is a journey , the way is in Love even when you do not know it is present it is present.

Surrender to the Authority of Love Expansion in Light.

Flow …Heart Open…Grace

All is a flow of love. If you are in a lack focus, heart restricted, fear, separation, or more, all things may begin to seem like a hurdle. Sometimes you may try to move into victim, with-holding love from yourself in the hurt.

What heart eyes are you looking through in this moment, overflow or lack? We always should take care of ourselves, not inflicting on ourselves or others. When we are present in ourselves in love, letting go of controlling others, we find our breath, our peace, our abundance in sharing inside and with others.

Grace is in this flow. No one else has power to determine our love flow. When we hold onto another person as our Love source, we find we are in ups and downs more frequently depending on the relationship.

God is our source and this is a simple process of letting go of the lack and restrictions, moving into gratitude and love. We open the channels for Spiritual assistance. Which is present always, we must open letting go – giving and receiving in one breath. Control, lack, revenge, unworthiness. fear, and all the other stories we hold onto keep us busy in our inner world in separation and lack of flow. We will see this show up in our own lives, even when we are so loved, so abundant in so many ways we will never feel or know the fullness is present when we seek this from the outer world.

Take a moment and take in the loving breath, allow the restrictions and negativity to let go. Focus on the Love flow, your inner becomes expanded and all is easy in grace.

You are a Blessing. Know this and free yourself from with holding Love habits to yourself and in the your life.

Breathe…, God is Breathing You.

You Are Beloved…Infinite Flow is Present….Open to the presence and allow Grace to lead you. all in ease and abundance.

In Loving Service