Monthly Archives: November 2011

Where is the treasure ? You are the treasure…

When we look out at what is in front of us we may see something still with little to connect with. If we can know that we only need to relax and know our perspective or sight may be missing all that is here and available,  we can let go and be open to not knowing and allowing the unfoldment to just be?

Trust in the moment as the building of the reality manifest. Holding our trust of love and unconditional abundance from this perspective allows the unknown to become known through love and grace.

Be the trust, Be the love and unfold in all that you are and all that you create…

What is the answer, where do I make the change, how do I make the change?

Be willing to receive it, be willing to know in what seems to be endless quiet , there is endless creation.

Move into your love center, a center of neutrality, allow the answers and change to wave over you. Look at the light on the horizon, it is not out there, it is in here.

You are the horizon , let your divine light wash over you now. Just allow and go with the tide and you will be carried in grace. It is all here even when we bump up against what seems to be hurt or lack, we will just be passing through it and letting go. It is all here.

Choose yourself, choose your love, choose grace in the light, the light that you are and the light that you are of…