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Christi Mider – Healing
Sun Valley/More

Added Dates – July 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6th

The one thing we can count on is change. Be open to not knowing what is to come, while knowing there is always more. Explore your hearts desire and begin to create  your blueprint from there. Be willing to say I do not know and be open to answers beyond the limited reality your mind knows. Explore the bridge , bringing heaven and earth together as you. You experience your true self in this alignment and knowing.

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JUNE 27, 28, 29, & 30TH

 You hold the answers to your life. Be open to your creations, letting them reflect where you with hold your knowing of your self as the divine being that you are. Nothing is permanent, you can let go of the old and create from a new and more supportive perspective.You hold your heart and knowing in your own hands. Embrace the power and loving that you are.


When we are seeking we sometimes forget to look at what is here now and what is coming right at us. In the stillness and trust we are open to receiving. Receive the wisdom and direction from your most inner connection and it will be as though it flew in to meet you right where you are. No effort, only light, trust, and love. Can it be that simple? It is as simple or hard as it is to put your fears and false beliefs aside, allowing the healing and wisdom to override the blocks keeping you from your self.

Are you willing to let go and fly? Are you willing to receive? Are you willing to heal and love?