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Discernment while being in the Loving


I love this subject.

We all are being asked to be more mindful. Be self aware, be responsible for what we are creating and how we share. We are being given an opportunity to find new ways to share without touching, or  being physically close. 6 feet apart. That is space but, we are much more expanded than that, our energetic felid is huge, which is us.

This is a time to slow down, be present, be in your loving leading. This is a NEW DAY.

For me, I came here  as a sensitive as many have. This process is actually how I walk each day through.

Loving and choosing to allow space, knowing love is present. Others energetics will also have vibration that may not be so uplifting or in alignment with ours

Being self aware, being aware of the essence of what is present and choosing what will be healthy for ourselves without being against what is present can be a challenge. What may be present is illness, learning to stay in our loving, relaxed, and keeping our minds in flow of love is a quiet a mastery.  We all tend to retract, judge, go into fear when something comes forward that disturbs us. Thats okay, but we now have  more  opportunity to practice love flow even when we sense or smell or feel, or see that something is not in alignment for us.

Choosing to keep a distance is not about againstness, it about staying relaxed, being in the love  present , sending Light and Love For the highest good and letting it go. Move to take care of ourselves,  so we can takes care of others.  Staying at a distance is a service. Keeping a positive image inside as we do this can be very powerful. Maybe it is just heart bubbles. You choose what makes your heart lighten and lead.

Sometimes we may even experience loving someone and know we  no longer resonate with them,  it may be a physical challenge to be with them. This doesn’t not mean love is not present, to know how to discern what you are experiencing, and make the changes that are healthy for reasons known and unknown is a loving action. We may find our hearts open in new ways without blame or againstness.

We all are learning that we can choose what aligns for us without inflicting negativity on one- another, we have done that for lifetimes, so here we are another opportunity . We all have different songs to sing and sometimes there is a great harmony and then there is a shift in the tome This probably is Karma finishing and an opportunity to grow in Love, to awaken. in ways we had no idea were sleeping.

During this time of  new opportunity for more self awareness and awareness of others choosing to walk in Love and move in and out of challenges with relaxed breath, the willingness to observe our retractions, choosing to bring comfort and healing to those areas inside us, we will find Love and compassion will be more in flow and present. Then we have overflow for others without inflicting on ourselves or them. Sometimes we step into control and block flow – flow comes forward in a relaxed state.

Be Kind to yourself, Be kind to others, know we all are moving about in this world with more than meets the eye.

Allow yourself freedom of discernment with a loving healthy outcome in the moment and future. It may look different than what you thought but, keep your  heart eyes open because there is a gift standing right there in Love.

In Loving service



The Light The Love


The Light The Love is present.

It does not inflict, or control it is… Love Flows –  overflows without inflicting.

It is present now in your breath, in your being.

Be present, let go, allow, receive, relax, be Love flow. Let go Let God.

You are love, you a loved, be and allow this song to sing inside. You are Beloved.

Be free in Love, Let go, allow, receive in being and know all is present in Love.

In Loving Service





While there are so many changes and challenges, we can go inside and find a place of love a place of peace.

Yes, we are in an experience that is opening us to  our fears, our hurt, and concerns for our living situations. If you notice the more you seek a wrong or right position in all of this we become more fearful, more charged in negativity.

Negativity inside breaks down the flow and if you take a moment you may notice you feel more stuck and powerless.

These are all human reactions and concerns that are present, not wrong or right just present.

Take time to help yourself, go inside, Breathe in Love Breathe out what is not love, keep taking time to go within. Be present, look around and see what is in loving inside and out. See what you can be grateful for and begin to hold positive images and feeling of love, creativity inside, open to this flow. It is present even in the midst of what appears scary and out of control.

We are not in control, but, we choose. Choose yourself, choose Love and if that means breathing in gratitude and that is all you can do, that is powerful.

One moment a day, and keep adding. These will add up.

You are Beloved Love, awaken and allow the deep support that is present, go within and you will find what you a seeking. Love, Flow, all is present including health as you open to this flow.

You are love – you are Loved…There is more available- open to receive and you will find miracles happening inside and out.

Sending You All Love and Light – you are Beloved

In Loving Service



Your thoughts and Feelings create…


Breathe in….Empty. into Love…

Be aware what your are putting your energy into – thoughts and emotions are building a field that meets you there. These thoughts and feelings reach out and touch others, those you may be thinking of are affected. They are touched.

Take time to redirect your negative thoughts and feelings. Open to co-creating a field of Love- lLght, Health, Wealth, & Happiness.

Be the vibration you wish to live in. You are all of it. We all affect each other.

“Build the Field and They will come”. What does your field hold, how do you share your energy?

Go inside build  and create your  foundation in Love Flow. No one holds the keys to your happiness. You awake to the flow of the Divine and you know all is present.

Be a responsible co-creator. Be present, be aware of your inner conversations and energy. Expand in Love, Peace, creativity, Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness. It is all present right now, no matter how the world looks around you. Contribute to this reality, by building your inner sanctuary in Love and.Harmony.

We are of One Love… Be That Love…Inside and create the outer. do not pull or push on others, center and awaken your keys to freedom…



Be Present – Be Authentic


Simple moments.

No need to rush – push – pull. Be present with what is and see the beauty inside and out.

Be present in your heart, simply breathe in and out Love. Allow the flow as you stand in the harmony of all things in love. Be present, allow the Light to reveal itself. No need to Rush – Push – Pull.

Be present. See the brilliance of the Light reflecting in all things. Be present in Love. Allowing is letting go.

Be present, enjoy and follow the Rainbow of Light of Love.

The song of Love whispers – then sings loudly within you. BE Present and listen, go inside.

Be…Present …Love.

Happy March 2020