Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sometimes the road seems hard and fast , pushing forward with a momentum of its’ own. When we feel out of control as we are moving through our experiences, we can surrender to the situation, moving our focus into knowing we are  supported by the light and we are light. When we do this we are allowing the loving to take over the road, which allows for the loving out come. If our destination is  love, kindness, wealth, health, and happiness, all we have to do is refocus on that path when we forget, we are the path.

Be love and your overflow will pave the way.

Brian Nice Photography

How we relate to the ups and downs of our journey of life, gives us information to cross over the bridge that has been waiting to support us as we move towards our true selves. Everything leading to these transformations are our creation. It all is purposeful, once it is done there is no need to bring the pain or negativity to the other side. This was designed by you for a deeper understanding of who you are. It is only information, once you can see what you are ready to let go of, Let go. Move back into your loving, and be the true you, love. Surrender to the release , relax into the now, all known and unknown possibilities. Enjoy the journey…..

Brian Nice Photography

When we soften into our heart, the warmth of our loving supports us. We experience the flow of life, joy, and comfort. Relaxing into our true self allows the sun to shine in all of our creation. This warms and allows the release from constriction that keeps us stuck in the past. Embrace the warmth of your being, relax letting go and letting flow, be here and now. No worries, no fears, no doubts, just be.

Brian Nice Photography

We are it,there is no more grand a thing than us. It is reflected to us in all things. Soften your heart and just look. Embrace everything that is reflecting your beauty, you the creator, you the love.

It is all Divine…

Brian Nice Photography

  The trees change with the seasons and our perspective changes with our focus. We are the light, the light is always there even though we may not be able to see it from the reality we are choosing. Nothing can block our loving, our light, we just forget to be open and be the love that we are. What seems to be standing between the light and us is only the illusion of separation that we create from our own fears or negativities. When we are being our true self, the love, we do not have to strain to see the light. It is our direction, it is life, it is us.

Brian Nice Photography

We are the eternity. The horizon has no end. Reaching out has no finality.

Being the love is all. It is an overflow that comes from your being. There is no doing, just being what you are. Love….

This is the beauty that creates our experience. The beauty does not come from the outside, it is our heart, our loving being. From this perspective life shows up loving and beautiful.

We are the love and the beauty just being…