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What Are You Listening To?

This is a share, and I am always in process. I am a student always, my life is my curriculum. I have said that many times. These days I am in class full time, morning, noon and night.

My focus is loving, this is an experience of expansion in a Spiritual expression that goes beyond mind, emotions, a place of all, of is. I have experienced this yet, as a human I still forget and experience the emotions and mental , pulls and pushes this magnetic world experience supplies. When I say this place it is actually the openings I have in my creations from this life and many lifetimes that are still in process of awakening – alchemy – of Divine Love in me.

When I go through my day, I can be aware of all levels going on, experiencing Soul while, being pushed on emotions and being thrown off into a challenge then coming back into relaxed loving. The first step is to be honest, to allow vulnerability, allow what is in restriction and upset, confused and out of sync to come present in a safe place inside, this does not mean you cannot share and get help in these times or moments. The help is inside and others many times can assist and hold by reflecting in love, you remember yourself. Sharing when you are like this can be a. great service, not pretending all is well is a powerful thing ,as all is well even when we feel off, we have a chance to learn, clear expand, let go, let God.

This process for me is daily and moment by moment. My sensitivity, gives me more information than is mine and I have to refine what is mine or others. This can be a busy class for me. I also see the gift in this, because I am aware of what is off or negative and what is in Loving, clear open and willing when I walk in a room, the essence of others disturbances can knock me over sometimes. This is my opening , when I get knocked off by this, I get to find what my opening to the energy is and clear it, heal it. We all are energy, and we may try to compartmentalize, or pretend, to keep something hidden , it is not hidden it is yelling in the room. I do experience this awareness in my life where ever I go, I have been called to know and love myself awake, this means I can not pretend nothing is happening and this means I take care of myself and when I need help, I ask, I share with those who can hold in Light, I do not always share with people but ,I ask for Spiritual assistance and do the Loving forgiveness work. I do take care of what is going on as it comes up, no pretending, it does not work for me, it is like a mental, emotional physical invasions of shaking, rubbing, yelling, poking or whatever is happening, it does not hide.

I am sharing this because ego can step in and try and keep us in separation keeping the challenge going instead of opening the door or doors to vulnerably in Loving support. We are not alone even when we are in a room without another person, and we are not alone on this planet, there are others who can support in many ways as you are supporting yourself in your school of you the Beloved One.

It is an inside job for sure, can you allow your truth, meaning it is all okay, to be present and allow the one who is not feeling well, to come forward, share and free the energy that has been running you and your field of creation? This is not for the weak of heart, it is for those who are willing to keep opening and allowing the truth in vulnerability, to ask for help, when you uplift, we all uplift. Strengthening The Love…

We are one love ultimately, This in Spirit is… This stream of Love is always present and we all are of it. Allow this to open , support you in your walk, nothing is hidden, so, you might as well, be truthful to yourself, open the doors and allow -let go of your need for control, and receive the Blessing of Love to lead your inner world, overflowing in your outer world.

The butterfly … I Am in the Egg…I Am in the Caterpillar… I Am in the Chrysalis… I Am…

In My Loving Classroom


Aligning in Light Flow… Workshop – August 27, 2020… 2 Loving Spaces Left – Zoom – 7:00pm – 9:00pm pacific – Donation Appreciated

Choice – Where are we choosing our step or steps from? Free energy of upliftment in inspiration or from our fears, worries, judgments or more?

The world is in constant change, finding our inner flow alignment in the Light is a constant opportunity. Taking time to check in and see what is motivating you and freeing the places that keep motivating in negativity is an amazing expansion. Learning to express a life of being inspired in flow, creates expansion and comfort at the same time. Awakening to you in Love light flow, aligns a clarity in our choices, not attached but, a flow of inspiration in each step. This is ordinary.

Join me for an evening of Meditation and Processing, taking time to open yourself to what this may be for you. We all are in this transformative life, being at ease with this and allowing what is present to lift and expand in new ways can be joy or burden, it is all inside you. there is amazing support for you in this inner life .

Registration: email me –

Donations can be made – Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal.

In Loving Service