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We are one…There is loving support always available, just look inside to your own heart. There will be a reflection of overflow coming back to you as you move into your trust and love.What ever seems to be keeping us from knowing this at the moment is just waiting to be met with love. You do not need to be fixed just loved.You can transform all your fears and resistance as you understand and step into your center bringing you back to grace.

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We are of the whole.

While there may seem to be only darkness or challenge in our reality, remember we are all connected. We are one. We cannot be an island unseen or unknown, we are of the ocean. If we cannot see a different reality than the one we are experiencing, it does not mean it does not or cannot exist.

Hold in your thoughts the healing reality as if it already is. This thought  of knowing will touch those who may need it and give them a direction of light to go towards. If you or someone is seeming to be in the dark, more dark thoughts only creates more fear and resistance.

So when you think of others think of them in love, health, abundance now.  Know it as truth and it will help focus the energy in that direction creating that reality. We are one, share your health, love and light to heal all.

Be Light, Be love


When we are in our lives living from a place of what is not, we create an isolated restricted experience. We all have challenges, some may look more intense than others, but the truth is there is more transformation available if we are willing to look for the light.

This is a negative realm, designed to make the negativity available to learn from. The gift and inspiration in all of it is that we are souls. No matter what is happening this is available, this is where our truth and power comes from. This is love. It is not outside of us. It is the inner being that we are that is here and available. No one has to give it to you, are you willing to be with yourself , open to the truth, love, not the love someone does or brings. The love that you are just by being. Letting that lead, heal you, comfort you, be you.

Have compassion and love for your fears. Give love to the things that cry out for help.Those things are leading you to your freedom. There is light inspiration in everything, even your fears. Suffering is not the inspiration you seek, the transformation of seeing and knowing the light through what looks and feels like a suffering is the inspiration. Can you see good in all. There is something pushing you to look deeper to find the truth through your struggle.

Do you have the courage to take your Qs from the light instead of always taking them from the dark. What do you want to lead you? What makes you feel lighter, fear or love? It sounds simple , it can be one of the biggest challenges to refocus and be open to the light in the middle of struggle. With the practice of gratitude, patients, love, and willingness you will transform.

Be the light that you are even if your afraid. Take a small step and each step will become easier and more abundant. Yes, you will be letting go of the old story and giving space for the new. There is always more. 

More Love, More Light…