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December 9th,10AM TO 1:30PM @ THE SAGE CENTER 


The steps you are taking on this journey of life are being guided by light, this is a co-creatorship you are part of. The oneness is you and the divine light you are created of creating together at all times. There can be no separateness, only in our minds do we separate. That is just a perspective, not a truth.

We can express from inner knowing and create the grace that is available to us even in what seems to be a challenge.

You are of the light and are learning to be that through your choices and experiences. Nothing but you can change how you do this journey. You are co-creating with the light and can choose to know and expand yourself as light in your life experiences from that you.

Join me in a workshop that explores and creates understanding of your own light and creating from that light you. We will shine the light on the places that you are holding as blocks to knowing yourself and life as Divine love and abundance . Letting the light and spirit clear these places and realigning your knowing of yourself on all levels . This allows more grace in your life as you learn to live from this knowing and have tools to use when you do not feel that love- light in your self and experiences.

I will share guided meditation and work with individuals in a group sharing. This process is a very powerful and loving way to see and heal through reflections and in a  group energy. This is a sacred space held for those who attend and will bring together the perfect connections through spirit.

Registration : email  or call 415-606-4883

Tuition $150 … Payment by check or cash. Please preregister with a credit card, this will not be charged it just holds your space.     MUCH LOVING LIGHT…