The spirit is in everything. When we are willing to be in our spiritual heart, we are willing to expect the unexpected . 

We can receive these spiritual gifts from a point of view that is grace and loving or as a burden and wrong.

When we are learning how to create from love and receiving, it is not about control, it is about letting go , allowing and seeing with our heart eyes the abundant gifts. The growth in the challenge and grace in the unexpected.

This is not a demanding process, this is a letting go, a not knowing and willingness that allows us to see and receive when the gifts show up. they may not look like what you think you need or want. Learning to receive in gratitude opens the heart to more flow and more surprises. When we clutch to what we perceive to be what is right or wrong without opening our hearts to new experience that may not be in “our plan” we block the loving expansion and can miss the gifts at hand.

Be willing to not know and let go and you will know the divine is present without fear and restriction. Your heart will expand and you will be full without the want that keeps you looking through the illusion of control, missing the gifts when they are present.

Be free in your growth of love and you will be free. Be the love.

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