“We Promote or Allow Everything” “We are responsible for our lives and what we put into action.”J.R.

When we open ourselves to the light, we engage the bigger meaning of our lives as co-creators. This is not an action in passivity, it is active and aware of what we are involved in.

This does not mean we control others or that we are controlled, this means we have a responsibility to what we have agreed to. Sometimes we will have selective memory as, it may be challenging to ourselves to admit we forgot something or changed our minds after the fact.  We all make mistakes, that is not a problem until you make it one. We have the ability to correct the mistake and open ourselves to understand that what made us choose to ignore or avoid a truth is directive.  A map to show where we hold onto a false identity or cast system.

Karma is created when we hold to our denials or victim stories. The experience will come again and again in many forms. Knowing that we are vulnerable and when we choose to try and be in control all the time we will have someone or something come forward to help us shake up that false reality. This is a gift and if you are willing to look and learn you can free yourself from the karma or judgements , fears, with-holding of responsibility in our own lives.

Through your mind and ego you believe you have the only true perspective and it should be met by others when things do not go your way it feels like there is wrong being done to you. This is understandable, but when it does not go your way it does not mean others are wrong. It can be a great gift to look for a healing, a freeing of being unaware of your connection to others and how you are part of the dance and responsible for what you receive or do not receive.

Be in your life, do the best you can and when you make a mistake correct it in loving awareness where you were not aware. Your focus may have taken you into denial and avoidance. This will back up on you. Be in your life and take care of yourself and the agreements you have put into action. Keep in touch with your life and you will know the flow. Trying to control things by passively ignoring and expecting others to agree to the outcome when you decide you want to re-engage does not always come into alignment. It is not angainstness, it is a loving request for you to be aware in your life and all those you bring in are part of the dance.

Be loving and open to change. Be true in your choices and know you are walking a path of clearing the way home. You choose and you dance in the oneness. More is going on than what your mind and opinions can know. The light is lighting up the truth,  be the loving truth.

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