Letting Go


When we let go of a position, opening to the unknown, we may find ourselves in a spin of Love, that presents places that are not smooth holding us from our freedom.

Lifting to another level of awareness of God – as our reference point, releases, reveals places where there have been Karmic prisons we have co-created. These can be how we refer to others as our source, This means somehow they hold keys to our life, giving us a place to fit in.  Teachers are present yet they are not our source. We may have given ourselves to family, money, drugs, clothing, and people in ways that made them our source. We felt it, we thought, we lived in their house, worked for them, learned from them married them even birthed them.

When we begin to awaken to the Bigger God, we may be presented with a challenge to choose inside ourselves, out of the small God, to the bigger as our source. It is never about another person, yet they will and can be the messenger that triggers a sense of powerlessness or negativity coming at us. That may well  be and it is present from many creations in our field and theirs. This is where we become the Spiritual Scientist, the Spiritual Warrior – letting go of past creations through Grace.

When we do this we will reveal the steps, choices that have held us prisoner, that we thought served us. We can go for the unlocking of these places through the light, forgiveness and stillness of love to all these places, including the messenger.

These may look different than what we or others perceive as obvious. We may be challenged to walk away from something we love and be open to that place of unknown to reveal Our God plan.

When we move into these choices from Love, not against anyone or anything but, from a place of this is present and I am free in this, we allow Grace to support the path to open to us. It will be open inside first. It takes honesty, to claim the misunderstandings that brought us to this place and allow the loving to reveal those places. From this place taking action will be tender and supported. Best not look to others to please or find our answer through their eyes. They may have reflections to share but, we must know our own hearts.

Discernment – The truth of our own Beingness.

This is an ongoing puzzle revealing itself in many scenarios. The question and answer is, Love. In stepping in that song, even if it looks a certain way to others, we will know the path is clear and it will show up for us. Do not rush, allowing the lifting to reveal as we let go, may have its own timing. So we continue to hold in the focus of love, no matter what we are moved to do or not do. It is Love.

Be present, breathe and allow. This is a spin of Love Lifting, awakening, in –  through all the cells of creation.

We are the Divine essence of God, Oneness.

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